What is a consumer proposal?

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Understanding Consumer Proposals

A consumer proposal is a formal offer to your creditors to pay off the debt. It will result in a legally binding agreement that will alter your repayment terms. It can involve extending the time for repayment, reducing the amount of the debt, or reduced interest payments. All repayment amounts are remitted through the licensed insolvency trustee to the creditor.

To initiate the process, you will be required to:

  • Provide the LIT with a complete list of all assets (property and savings) and liabilities (debt)
  • Attend the first meeting with the creditors, if a meeting is requested
  • Attend two counseling sessions
  • Advise the LIT of any address change
  • Generally assist the LIT during the administration of the proposal

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Solutions offered by our debt counselors

While a consumer proposal may not be for everyone, it is one of the solutions offered by our debt counselors and Licensed Insolvency Trustees. It offers an alternative to bankruptcy and can be the answer to your debt issues.

We can help you determine whether a consumer proposal is right for you

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