Symptoms of Debt Problems

If you have been struggling with debt and are wondering if you need help with debt management and repayment, read through the below situations and determine if any of them apply to you.

  • Do creditors frequently contact you about repaying overdue bills?
  • Do you only pay the minimum balance on your monthly credit card bills?
  • Do you use one credit card to pay off the balance on another credit card?
  • Do you take cash advances on your credit card?
  • Do you borrow money from friends or family to make ends meet?
  • Do you turn to payday loan collectors to get advances on your paycheques?
  • Do you constantly pay interest and service charges on your credit cards because you can’t pay the balances on time?
  • Do you spend more than 40% of your income on everyday expenses like electricity, phone, cable, rent, etc.?
  • Are you having trouble paying for the everyday expenses that are mentioned above?
  • Do you frequently contact people and ask them to delay cashing your cheques?
  • Do you frequently speak to your creditors to arrange to catch up on missed payments?

If you answered yes to any of the above debt management questions, you might have a debt problem. If you feel overwhelmed and are struggling to pay your bills on time, we can help ease your burden. Many debt repayment solutions are available without having to file for bankruptcy and include things like debt consolidation, consumer proposal and more. Dana MacRae Trustee in Bankruptcy can help go through your options with you and determine which is best for your exact needs.

Please contact us today for free advice or ask us a question online and learn how you can get your debt under control again.