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How much does a consumer proposal cost?

Our fees are limited by the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act and by our professional code of ethics.

The Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act provides for maximum fees for a consumer proposal as follows,


  • $100.00 paid to the Superintendent of Bankruptcy for the filing of the consumer proposal.
  • $750.00 on the filing of the consumer proposal with the Official Receiver.
  • $750.00 on the acceptance or deemed acceptance by the Bankruptcy Court.
    20% of any dividend sent to the creditors.
  • $85.00 for each credit counselling session. Two credit counselling sessions are required for the consumer proposal.

The fees in a consumer proposal are usually paid from the monthly payments offered by you to your creditors under the terms of your consumer proposal. When the creditors of considering the proposal for acceptance they are voting based on the amount they will be receiving after administration expenses of the consumer proposal. The creditors generally understand that the administration expenses are paid first before any dividend is paid to the creditors.

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