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Licensed Insolvency Trustee

serving the Township of Alberton

We offer a free consultation to help you get your finances under control. We understand the stress that comes with a creditor and debt collection calls. Dana MacRae is a licensed insolvency trustee that offers credit management and bankruptcy services to the Township of Aberton residents. We can alleviate your financial stress and have many options to do so. We have been operating for more than 21 years as a licensed insolvency trustee helping Ontarians.

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We offer a wide array of services for
the Township of Alberton residents aimed at simplifying debt

Personal Bankruptcy

Personal bankruptcy is a legal proceeding that may be applied to individuals as a solution to dealing with debt in Ontario.

Corporate Bankruptcy

Corporate bankruptcy is a complex process that requires a lot of care and attention, but with a licensed insolvency trustee, it can be run smoothly. 

Bankruptcy Services

Over the past generation, people have turned to Bankruptcy Services for a new start and second chance. 

Proposals to Creditors

Proposals to creditors consist of a debtor making an offer to creditors on how money and/or property can be distributed. 

Debt Management

Debt Management helps the client by negotiating with creditors and getting them to accept lower payments than what is owed, either through an agreement of future payment or a lump sum settlement.

Reduce Debt

Reduce Debt is a service offered by a trustee to a debtor in a financial situation where they have too much debt, and not enough money to pay it all off.

Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation offers a solution by consolidating debt by taking out a new loan to pay off your current debts. 

Credit Rebuilding

Credit Rebuilding consists of several components that help you build your credit score. 

Credit Management

Credit Management consists of management techniques that address the company’s ability to extend credit.

Credit Counselling

Credit counselling is a process that can assist you if you are struggling with your finances. It consists of several steps that are designed to help you regain your financial stability. 

Benefit from the Personal Touch of a Licensed Insolvency Trustee

Dana is a licensed insolvency trustee who can provide professional guidance and personalized solutions to your situation. We work hard to find ways for creditors to lower payments and to agree to compromise on the debts if possible. Our goal is to reduce the debt of our clients while maintaining their dignity. We strive to protect the property rights of individuals in the Township of Alberton who are seeking protection under the law.

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About the Township of Alberton, Ontario

Alberton is a single-tier (politically separate from but geographically within neighbouring counties) township in the province of Ontario. The Township of Alberton was formed in 1891 and is part of the Rainy River District of Northwestern Ontario. According to Statistics Canada, the township had a population of 969 as of 2016, increasing 12.2% from 2011.

Part of the township borders with the USA.
The community of Crozier within the Township of Alberton does not have a postal code.

Township Office: 3 Highway 611 South, B2, Fort Frances, Ontario, P9A 3M2
Phone: (807) 274-6053
Fax:      (807) 274-8449
Township email contacts


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